Hair cutting, beard shaving and professional men's cosmetics as from Tuzex.


Classic haircut 

Classic haircut

550 CZK / 40 min

Exklusice haircut

Classic Haircut + beard style or shave + peeling mask

880 CZK / 60 min


Buzzcut with one attachment, adjustment of contours

390 CZK / 30 min

Long Hair

Classic haircut, long hair

850 CZK / 60 min

Kids haircut

Exklusive kids haircut

390 CZK / 30 min

Shaves & hot towell


Beard style (hot towel+ beard style or shave)

490 CZK / 30 min

Haircut + beard
style or shave

Haircut + beard style or shave (hot towel, beard style, eyebrows style)

850 CZK / 75 min

Exclusive haircut
+ beard style or shave 

Exclusive haircut+ beard style or shave (hot towel, eyebrows style, mask, eau de Cologne)

1.290 CZK / 90 min

Beauty care

Basic care

Clean skin package – diagnosis, skin cleaning with an ultrasonic spatula + manual cleansing (acne, blackheads, enlarged pores), eyebrow shaping, cleansing mask, moisturizing cream.

990 CZK / 45-60 min

Relax care

Clean skin and relaxation package – diagnosis, skin cleansing, enzymatic exfoliation (peeling), eyebrow shaping, facial massage, mask according to skin type, radiofrequency or ultrasound treatment according to skin tone, cream.

1.290 CZK / 75-90 min

Anti Age care

Anti-age (rejuvenation) package – diagnosis, skin cleansing, eyebrow shaping, enzymatic exfoliation (peeling), rejuvenating mask (with radio frequency or ultrasound, depending on skin type), luxurious anti-aging collagen serum, facial massage, light mask, cream.

1.390 CZK / 60-75 min

Luxurious Anti Age with head and neck massage

– diagnosis, skin cleansing, eyebrow treatment, enzymatic exfoliation (peeling), rejuvenating mask (radio frequency or ultrasound, depending on skin type), luxurious anti-aging collagen serum, facial massage, light mask, cream, head massage (hair part), neck massage and shoulders. After the treatment, you can wash your hair, blow dry and use our styling pastes, varnishes, etc.

2.200 CZK / 75 - 90 min


Chemical peeling is a non-invasive method that serves to clarify and rejuvenate aging skin, smooth out fine wrinkles, soften acne scars and enlarged pores. It also contributes to the removal of pigment spots and has a beneficial effect on oily skin. Not suitable in the summer months. For the maximum effect, it is necessary to undergo at least 3 - 6 treatments at intervals of 2 - 5 weeks. You can take advantage of the discounted price of 3 treatments.

950 CZK / 30 min

Peeling PAckage

Discounted package of 3 chemical peeling treatments.

2.600 CZK / 3 x 30 min

The gift voucher can be picked up directly at our reception, or we will send it to you by e-mail.